Stand Firm // 1 Corinthians 15:58


Life will never go as planned & it should not come as a surprise. Proverbs 16:9 says, “We can make our plans, but the LORD determines out steps.” Truth is that we must be able to stand firm on the fact that God knows what He is doing in our lives. Even when we don’t know what He is doing. It’s not for us to question, it’s for us to be obedient.

It’s during the times of uncertainty that knowing God’s word will be able to sustain us, which is why it is SO VITAL for us to all be in our word DAILY. If we try to stand firm on anything BUT God’s word we will certainly falter.

I love the way Paul speaks about working for the Lord. Working for God is by far the greatest reward ever. Often times we think of rewards coming in an extremely different way, BUT I can attest that it always works out in the long run. The rewards that He has for us are far greater, and they come in seasons. At times you will feel like you are floating on a cloud, everything is smooth sailing like life is finally at a point of perfection, but there will also come a time when your life, dreams & hopes seem to vanish in an instant. There will be seasons of plenty as well as seasons of little. The difference is, can we stand firm on God’s word, His promises, and praise Him the same? Can you look past the pain of your current season and see the joy set before you?

That’s a question we should all constantly be seeking to fully comprehend. Are we at a place within our walks to where NO MATTER WHAT comes our way, we can stand firm knowing that God is the maker of our tomorrow. That He counts each and every tear that rolls down our faces. That He is near to the broken-hearted. That He WANTS to show you His radical love.

God’s word gives us so many promises to stand firm on. We should continue to work diligently for God and His promises. Even in the midst of the storm, fix your eyes on Jesus & keep stepping. One day at a time, one step, one breath… Don’t allow the sorrows and storms of this world overwhelm the joy that God wants you to walk in. It is possible to walk in everlasting joy in the midst of a raging storm. It starts with simply lifting your eyes towards Jesus & allowing Him to love you the way God designed us to be loved…

Love wins… Grace wins…



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