Power+Love+Self-Control//2 Timothy 1:7


This is the God we serve. The very same spirit that ROSE Jesus from the dead lives inside all who believe. The heart-breaking part is that people walk around DEFEATED by life’s “circumstances” as if they don’t have the power to overcome them!

Yes, life will suck at times. Life will be rough. Life will get confusing. The plan’s you have for your life will change, but GOD never will. God is forever present in the midst of everything we go through. We just simply have to slow ourselves down, stop throwing a tantrum, and let Him love on us. We have to realize the power that is inside of us all! I get SOOO tired of watching people get punked by satan on a daily basis. Walking with their heads low as if their life is over, yadda, yadda, yadda… I get it. There is a time for grieving, there is a time to allow the pain to process, but once you process it STOP CHOOSING to suffer. Suffering is a choice. So many of us lay down in a ditch and just stay there dreaming of the “could have been’s” or the “what ifs” instead of saddling up and getting stuff done. There is no time to waste. Today is the day the Lord has made for us all, rejoice in it because many didn’t get to…

You have been giving a spirit of POWER. The POWER to move on from any amount of trauma. The POWER to overcome any and all addictions (with the pains of getting through some of them). The POWER to pick yourself up, praise God just the same, and take the next step needed. JESUS’ BODY LAID IN A GRAVE FOR THREE DAYS BUT DID NOT STAY. That spirit lives inside of you. Grasp it. Believe it. Proclaim it. UNDERSTAND IT. I’m not here to say that it won’t be a painful process, a long road, that there won’t be many stumbles… I’m saying that when you walk in the power that God gives you the painful process loses its pain… The long road seems short and filled with excitement… That the stumbles are seen as lessons…

We have been given a spirit of LOVE. The same love that Jesus gave to all while He was on earth. The love of going out of His way to help others. The love of paying the ULTIMATE price simply because He wanted us. He wanted you. He needs you. That same spirit of love lives within us all. We are called & equipped to love people to the cross (not call them dirty sinners and make them feel bad for things they already feel bad about). Even those difficult ones(or the ones that don’t feel bad about their sin, yet). Give your life & heart to God and He will exchange it for His life & His heart. You’ll see people in a new light. You’ll see them as Jesus does & you will be able to love them the way Jesus wants us to…

We have been given a spirit of SELF-CONTROL. Goodness, this could go ALL kinds of way. The amount of power that comes from self-control and discipline is indescribable. It would require a whole book to barely SCRATCH the surface. Self-Control often time gets a bad name for itself simply because people feel like they are “robbed” of enjoying themselves. Which is SO FAR from the truth. Self-Control brings so MUCH freedom. It’s all about a perspective shift. It makes the power of over eating lose its sting. The power of impulse spending, lashing out at loved ones, losing your temper at work, and so many other things seem to fade away. Then you come to a point in your life where you are no longer controlled by emotions and impulses but by morals, values, principles, and goals.

Take this verse. Walk it. Live it. Do something with it…

Love wins… Grace wins…



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