Wait Patiently // Psalm 27:14


This verse is so profound, yet so simple. We are called to wait patiently for the promises of God. Regardless of it being days, weeks, years or even decades. The point is not in the time it takes, it’s in the faith that patience builds in us for God’s promises. There has not been one promise from God that was not fulfilled because of His desire. All promises that are not fulfilled are based on our lack of faith, willingness, etc… God WANTS to pour out His miracles on our lives. He WANTS to fulfill our hearts deepest desires. He WANTS to see His promises through to the end, BUT… There is something we must do as well. It’s not just about “waiting patiently”… No no no, there is more… We must wait patiently being brave and courageous, showing that our faith is strong! It may seem a little confusing at first glance, but with a simple perspective shift, the true essence of this passage can be seen. Often times, being patient is the bravest and most courageous thing that can be done. To sit and wait in uncertainty isn’t an easy thing to do. When EVERY part of out mind & body want to start trying to FORCE what God has promised it takes a truly brave & courageous person to sit back, enjoy where God has them, praise Him for it, and still be able to proclaim that God’s promises will come to pass. Even if it doesn’t make sense… Even if it seems like the promise is an impossible promise… The good news for us all is that we serve the God of the impossible.

You see. God loves to make the impossible, possible. God loves to take the broken, and restore. God loves to take the “failure”, and watch him/her prosper. God loves to take someone who should have been a “statistic” but overcame. God is LOOKING, YEARNING, and DESIRING to find faith-filled believers who will stop, sit, wait, listen for His voice, and THEN move. Jesus KNEW His purpose from birth. He knew it, but He waited. He waited 30 years PATIENTLY for His Father to give Him the, “it’s time.” How many of us are chasing after something we THINK that God has for us, but never stopped to just listen to the still small voice… I know I have. I have had my fair share of “disappointments” where I felt God, “let me down” when in reality it was my own impatience that led me down those paths….

Thankfully, God was still there. He will always be there…

Love wins… Grace wins…



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