As Gold // Job 23:10


Goodness… Job’s perspective in this verse is so incredible. Job literally had EVERYTHING taken from him, but still praised God. He reminded himself of who God was & had complete faith in what God was up to. I’m sure it made NO sense to Job, but that did not change his view on God…. If we are to get to this point in our walks we MUST seek the heart of God at all costs. We must YEARN to know the heart of God. We must DESIRE to know His word and allow it to go with us everywhere.

Job had that yearning & desire. It is clear to see that the fruits of his life were abundant. Even in the midst of having everything stripped from him (wealth, wife, children, even health) he still sought God’s heart with faith knowing that God was doing something. That’s something I burn with desire to have! To be so faith filled, to know God’s heart so well, to never doubt His faithfulness… That’s beauty at it’s finest.

I have had the incredible blessing of seeing a modern day Job! Not to exact extent, but definitely, someone who embodies so many of the same qualities. It has made my faith rise beyond anything I have ever felt. To see someone walk through the fire, have everything stripped away, to have every reason to walk away, and give up but still pursue God’s, heart. To grow as much as they have, to love as hard as they do, to serve others, honor others, and just simply be the hands & feet of Christ in each and every day. Those are the miracles I live for…. They understand that these moments are just refining us into the people God needs us to be.

Regardless of what is going on in your life at this moment, remind yourself that God is faithful. The word of God is there to edify us. For us to be reminded of the God that loves us, that sent His son to die for us, that has relentlessly pursued us regardless of where our hearts were… At the very least, that should be MORE than enough to trust that what God has for you is better.

Love wins… Grace wins…



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