Constant in Prayer // Romans 12:12


There is so much power in the word of God. Which makes it so very important to consistently study it. This verse is such a powerful declaration that we all can hold onto with all of our might.I would love to be at a place in my life where I could fully embody all of these actions in the midst of daily life. Although, I do feel that these last few months have been months of incredible growth… I know there is still more that God has for me.

Rejoice in hope: It may seem like our first thought is that, “Much easier said than done.” Which is understandable when we think about the people in the bible as some sort of spiritual super humans. Truth is, the people in the word of God had it much worse. Often times, they had very little to be hopeful for outside of rejoicing in the Lord. Many earlier believers were literally risking their lives, but they realized that nothing is compared to having the hope of glory with Jesus. Hope will lift us out of our present situations or difficulties. We have a choice to have hope or sorrow.

Be patient in tribulation: As much as we all might wish at times that tribulations wouldn’t happen while on earth… They still do. We need to have the patience to get through those seasons of difficulties KNOWING that they will end and that we will be better people because of it. The world that Paul is using for “Patient” does not mean sitting and wallowing in our sorrows, but actually the opposite. It’s about having a steadfast endurance. To where no matter what is thrown our way we will continue to move forward. One step at a time, even if the steps are tiny. Stuff happens and we can’t control that. What we can control is HOW we let it affect us. Joy is a choice just like sorrow is.

Be constant in prayer: I like to think about prayer as a GPS (Navigation System). When I travel I have the GPS going the entire time while I constantly check it to make sure I am on the right path. I look at it on a regular basis to see when I need to turn when I need to keep going when I need to flip around at times. That is the same thing our prayer life should be. We should be constantly praying as we “travel” through the unknown. I’m pretty sure I would get lost if I turned the GPS off mid-trip. Once I’m lost, then what? OH! I turn the GPS on, get back on the right track and continue on my journey. As long as I stay constant with checking my GPS, I will reach my destination without many problems. The issue is, we often pray only we get lost. Instead of constantly praying (checking the GPS) to stay on track with where God wants us to get, we pray only when we get lost… Stay in tune with God (GPS). He know’s exactly what turns, roads, and detours need to be taken. But you can only know that when you pray to Him (check the GPS).

Let’s all thrive to apply these today… It’s better for one verse to radically change our lives and live it out, then to have the entire bible memorized…

Love wins… Grace wins…



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