Our Home // John 14:23


Loving God & Jesus requires us to be obedient to His teachings. Does that mean we must be perfect and never fall short? No way. According to God’s word we all fall short of the glory of God. It comes down to simply our hearts in our daily lives, with the actions we make. Being obedient does not mean being perfect, especially in God’s eyes. God is graceful, loving, kind, understanding and so very forgiving. He is a mighty God that loved us enough to send His son to die for us to be restored into a relationship with Him. Why is it that as soon as we become Christians we start living our lives as if we have to “work” for what was freely given?

Stop it. Obey God to the best of your ability, and have peace with that. Jesus’ sacrifice is the only thing that qualifies us for heaven. Obeying God’s command, allowing Him to love us, and letting them take up residence in our hearts is not an issue of salvation, but of impact on earth. God need’s us to obey His commands so we can minister to others and bring them home as well. God want’s to pour out His love on us so we can be so filled with love that we can pour it out on others. God want’s to make a home in our hearts so we can point others home towards Him.

Nothing God asks of us is a true sacrifice. A majority of the things we all struggle to give up only cause us harm outside of God’s will. God’s will isn’t for us to live boring lives where we are miserable and unhappy. Truthfully, a spirit filled life is the greatest blessing ever. Walking with God has been the greatest journey I have ever been on and I can’t wait for MANY more years. I have and will continue to thankfully remove things God needs me to remove and allow Him to replace those areas with Him. Did you catch that? The things that we must “remove” are nothing compared to what God has designed to fill that space.

If we never give up things we want, He will never have room to deposit what He wants in our lives…

Love wins… Grace wins…




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