You are my God // Isaiah 25:1


One thing that has radical changed my walk with God is finding complete trust in the fact that God is MY GOD(and yours). He is MY Father. He isn’t some distant being that doesn’t care about us. He isn’t some weird thing that floats in the cloud. He is a LOVING Father. Ready and willing to tend to our every need… He is worthy of our honor and praise. Even when things don’t seem to be going well we can have faith that the plans God has for us will happen. I’m sure if we take a moment and look back at our lives, we would be able to see God’s hand in our lives.

I truly do yearn to be able to seek God with all my heart no matter what life throws at me as the prophets did. You see, often times we read these stories in the bible and discount them as if they had an easier life than most of us. With a little bit of studying you would quickly understand that it was actually the opposite.  Especially for the prophets themselves. Many of them were severely hated for what they proclaimed and grew such amazing faith in God because of those trials. It’s during this trials that our faith grows and that fire inside burns brighter. It’s during the unexpected times that we can rely on our steady rock. It’s during the times of confusion that we can turn to His word and find peace.

Life will come with many turns that are unexpected and very rarely does life truly turn out the way we had “dreamed” it would. The amazing part is that it is a guarantee that what God ultimately has for you is far better than any amount of dreaming could ever come up. He will completely and radically change your perspective on your current situation if you let Him.God has great plans for us all fam… If we trust in Him and His plans, then they will come to pass. We walk by faith, not by sight.

Love wins… Grace wins…



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