Come Drink // John 7:38


Come and drink… Goodness, that is such a beautiful statement to hear from Jesus! It is an open invitation for all who are sick and tired of being beaten down, worn out, tired, etc… to come and experience life in abundance! The word tells us, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” (John 10:10 NIV) This verse does not imply that challenges will not come, because they will, but instead that even through the trials we can learn to dance and have joy.

Jesus came and lived a life that we should have lived, died the death that we all deserved, to pay the debt that we could never pay, rose from the grave on the 3rd day overcoming death itself, so that we could live the life to the fullest knowing, in the end, we make it to heaven. That’s the Gospel in a nutshell. It’s so simple, so profound, but yet so commonly over complicated. We must simply come to Jesus and believe in Him and what He did for us all, then BOOM… Life will start to change and our glorious life will start to unfold right before our eyes.

After we have gotten a drink from the living water it will start to flow from our hearts out towards others. We will be able to love others and show them the love of Christ that they all need. Often times people have become so calloused to what love truly is and how to properly express it towards other people. Once you have had a drink of the living water the love of Christ will slowly (or in some cases instantly) start flowing out of our heart to even the “unlovable” people in your lives. Lives will start to change, atmospheres will start to shift, our entire days find new purpose…

As we all continue to grow in Christ, let us all learn to allow the living water to flow out of our hearts and into the lives of those around us…

Love wins… Grace wins…



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