He is on our side // Romans 8:38


The biggest challenge to a Christian is simply understanding the simplicity of God’s love for us. The simplicity of the fact that He loves us & will never leave or forsake us. It’s so wonderful to see the faith, freedom, and contentment in a new believer, BUT it is heartbreaking to see a seasoned believer trying to “work” for it. We must understand that God is not anywhere closer or further based off of our performance. God is for us, God is with us, God YEARNS for us. He wants US more than we could ever want Him.

Is that something that deeply radiates in your heart? The fact that GOD wants YOU more than YOU could want God. Want proof? Look at the cross. God did that because of how much He wanted you. Jesus PROVED how badly He wanted you. Jesus PROVED how valuable you are. Jesus PROVED that NOTHING will separate you from His love. Jesus’ death on that cross was not some “ticket” to heaven. It was an invitation into a RELATIONSHIP with Him. He didn’t JUST die so you could live a mediocre life on earth of grinding through a 9-5, paying bills, having a “family” etc… He died on that cross to give us infinite access to the creator of life itself. He died so we could WALK with Him. He died to RESTORE our relationship. He died for us to have a radical and adventurous life. Life with God is CRAZY, fun, exciting, and soooo much more. It’s a grand adventure that all are invited to join in on. There is NOTHING that can separate you from that. Life will get rough, life will be unfair, life will be confusing, BUT God is with us.

Today I urge you to please dig deep to understand that the cross is simply an invitation into a glorious life. I’ve had my fair share of trials in this life, I’ve had a fair share of “unfair” things in my life, I’m “suppose” to be a certain way according to the world. Statistically I “should” be in a terrible place, BUT GOD. God has been my Father that I didn’t have & the example of one. God has been & has given me the family I need. Jesus is my example of manhood. Jesus is my example of being a brother, a friend & a supporter. God has given us all we need. God is all we need to ENTER into the glorious life He has for us. A life filled with FAMILY that will encourage, uplift, pray for, pray with & love you through the hardest of times…

Enter in fam… Join in on all that God has… He is better, He is with it, He IS fighting for you…

Love wins… Grace wins…



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