You Love Him // 1 Peter 1:8


This verse truly challenged my heart this morning. I found myself searching deep within myself the challenging question on if my heart was truly in love with Him. Of course, I love Jesus, but can I really say I am deeply & passionately IN LOVE with Jesus. Often times, we choose to run from questions like this simply because it’s easier to play it off as someone who loves Jesus. Personally, I love when Holy Spirit challenges me to go deeper within myself to analyze where my heart & value is.

I never want to be the person that uses the word “love” like the world does. Making it such a casual thing, such an easy thing to say, but never truly live out Godly love. Not just a love for God, but a genuine love for God’s children. Does the devotion towards Jesus truly say that I am in love with Him? Does the way I treat others express the love of Jesus living within my heart? Questions like these are so difficult to answer without a seriously in-depth self-reflection of our hearts in our private time.

Peter has obviously seen something in the body of believers that he is writing to. In this verse, the word “love” is actually a verb that is indicating continual love being shown. Whether that be in the way the church itself is showing love to the other brothers & sisters, or maybe it could be the way the believers themselves are living out the love of Christ. Whatever the case may be, the way these believers are acting in their daily lives clearly indicates that the love of Christ is in them all.

My personal challenge for myself today is to act out in genuine love for others. I’ve asked Holy Spirit to show me how to love others properly. To show me how to love those “unlovable” ones. To show me how to live out the love of Christ with all my interactions. To show me where I am not being loving & gracious. To give me a fresh perspective on grace and how at one point I was an “unlovable” person as well.

Love wins… Grace wins…



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