Directs His Steps // Proverbs 16:9


This verse has truly been speaking volumes into my life lately. I have read it at least a dozen times, but lately, it has taken on an entirely new meaning to me. It may not be the same for you, but that’s the power of the living Word of God.

You see, this verse starts off by talking about our hearts plan our ways, but the Lord directs our steps. This is both a promise and a warning.

It is a warning in the sense of clearly stating that our hearts can lead us into a terrible place if we do not allow the Lord to direct our steps. We all have plans, hopes, dreams, visions, etc… BUT if God is not directing our steps we can chase after those things in OUR way asking God to bless it. You see how powerful and profound this is? The fact that even if our heart desires something, it simply cannot be trusted without the Lord directing our steps. There is beauty in this balance… A beauty to where God allows our hearts to reveal the plans He has for us, but we still must be obedient to allow God to direct our lives into these positions where our hearts will truly be fulfilled.

The promise. Goodness, the promise is absolutely incredible. You see, this verse does not say, “The heart of man plans his ways, but God want’s us to ignore our hearts and let Him control our lives.” I know that comes across extreme, but that’s how a lot of us live our lives. Thinking that God doesn’t want us to be happy and to have fulfilled hearts, which is a LIE from satan. God knows exactly what will truly fulfill our hearts, which should be obvious if we believe He is the maker of the stars and in control of everything. Lately, I have come to a place where my perspective on sin, and being obedient is so much different. For a vast majority of my walk, I have fought sin because it’s “bad” and I shouldn’t do it, which sadly, isn’t enough. Now, I am starting to legitimately HATE sin and avoid it because of God’s love for me. Because He first loved me. Because He deserves my best. It’s no longer seen as a thing’s that I “cannot” do, but rather things that I DO NOT want to do because of God’s love. I know His plans are better than mine.

There is so much grace, so much love, so much forgiveness to be had in God’s loving presence.

Love wins… Grace wins…



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