You Do Know Him // John 14:7


“You do know Him”

I start with that statement because that is what satan constantly attacks in us all. Those terrible questions of, “Do I really know Him” or the “Does God really love me”… We see that even in Jesus, satan attacked that first & foremost when He was led into the wilderness. The entire temptation of Jesus had roots to Him knowing that He truly knew His Father in heaven & having the complete understanding of who He was. Even that temptation that satan intended to destroy or confuse Jesus only strengthened Him in His faith & power.

If satan is going to attack Jesus in that manner why would we not expect those same attacks to come for us. It’s weird to me how people get so confused at satan and his attacks. Truth is, his tactics are the same exact that they have been for hundreds of years. Does it look slightly different for each person? Of course… BUT at the core of his attacks, they are the same. The root is the same, the attempt is the same, the destruction is ultimately the same. As believers, we must truly understand and accept that WE DO KNOW HIM, and even more so that He knows us.  We must fully understand & embrace that God knows us intimately and that in order for us to survive we must pursue that same intimacy with Him.

Today, as we walk through all that God has for us I truly do urge you all to find ways to fully pursue intimacy with God. Even more so, I fully urge you all to find ways to just rest in the simple fact that you are loved by God, that He knows you, and that you know Him. You don’t have to work for it, thrive for it, or any of that. You just simply have to be. Just be you, just be who God made you to be. It’s simple. Rest in the simple fact that you are exactly where God needs you to be. That no matter how confusing things may be, how hectic life may be, how chaotic and “messed up” life may seem, that it is all a lie from satan. You are exactly where God needs you to be, and if we will humble ourselves before Him we will see all that God has done for us, and all that He wants to do through us.

You know Him. He knows you. We love Him because He first loved us..


Love wins… Grace wins…



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