True Humilty // Proverbs 22:4


What is true humility? As I pondered on this question all morning during my time of devotion it only brought more questions into the mix of what true humility looks like today. It’s amazing how perplexing this question was in my heart & mind… Sitting there as I ponder on true humility and what it looks like to walk in true humility each and every day of our lives… Here is what God put on my heart…

  1. Truly does NOT boast.
    1. What I mean by this is not boasting about how humble we are, or how lowly we choose to live. We should avoid drawing attention to ourselves at all cost, and what attention we do get needs to be pointed back to Christ alone.
  2. Truly walks it out each and every day…
    1. Walking in humility is not just a public thing but a private thing as well. Your spouse, family, children, etc… should all attest to the humility to walk in during everyday activities and not just in front of church members.
  3. Truly wants to glorify God in all their ways while drawing minimal attention to themselves.
    1. Time & time again I have seen people boast from the pulpit, boast on social media, etc… BUT they #GloryToGod or say it from the pulpit as if that makes it okay. Yes, we all have a platform to glorify God from but our hearts need to be truly set on His glory above all.
  4. Truly thrive to make our Father happy & not just use “god” as a way to market ourselves.
    1. On almost a daily basis it is easy to find people, business, etc… that are using “god” to help market themselves instead of truly waiting to please God in all our ways.
    2. It’s a beautiful thing when we are given a platform to glorify God and point people to Him, but we must fully embody and walk in those qualities as well. If we do not, we run the risk of ultimately hurting people instead of offering people the healing only Christ can give.

These were all hard things I had to ask myself. Even to the point of the ministries, I am in and where my heart is at within them. It’s always a blessing when Holy Spirit put things on our hearts that we can work on as individuals. As believers, we should always be open to God’s spirit to move in our lives and be fully open to Him doing open heart surgery on the areas we need to improve…

True humility will take us further than anything else in this life and beyond…

Grace wins… Love wins…



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