Prayer With Thanksgiving//Colossians 4:2


The two portions of this verse that heavily stood out to me were being watchful and with thanksgiving… It caused me to wonder where my prayer life stood within this context and being watchful during my time of prayer as well as doing it with thanksgiving. Obviously for most of us, at our first glance, it would be of course! I know I say “Thank you, Lord/Father/Jesus/etc” a few times throughout my prayers, but as simple as the gospel seems Paul still calls Christ a mystery… Is this context it’s a good mystery because it takes an earnest seeking of Christ on a deeper level to understand these deeper aspects of scripture… We should do always be seeking to understand the mysteries…

Being Watchful: When I played into this on a deeper level that it could be exchanged for the word “expectant.” As in when we are praying our prayers we need to be praying and expecting these things to come to pass. We should keep alert and ready for the prayers to be answered in God’s will & timing. That is why Paul follows it with telling us we need to do it with thanksgiving as well. It can change the POWER in our prayers when we pray with that child like faith like it is already done and thank God for what He has done and what He will be doing…. As I sought for an example of this I could best understand this concept as calling your absolute best friend to come help you do something. Whether that be moving, a project, etc… When we call them and talk to them to be there at a certain time we are then able to expect them there as any good friend would be. We don’t continually call, text or email them over and over again. No, we have that conversation and just expect that they will come help…

With Thanksgiving:  I touched on this slightly in the last section but I wanted to take more time to truly unpack this mystery to us all. It really challenged my heart of what praying with thanksgiving looks like. Realistically, it would be best embodied if we pray for it with boldness and be able to leave it at the altar. The example God gave me was like a boss who gives us a project to do. Our bosses should be able to leave it on our desk, walk away without worrying, and know that it will get done. It may take some time to our ends, but a good boss doesn’t continually check up on our progress. They simply leave it on our desk and expect it to be done. Some bosses may even thank us in advance for getting it done. Same goes for us with God and praying with thanksgiving. We bring it before God, leave it at His feet, and walk away without worry because we know that He will get it done…

Radical prayers can and do change this world one prayer at a time. We must learn to break the mold of boring prayers that are just muttered to get through our prayer time. There is much more to be had when we prayer in the way God guides us to pray….

Today’s meditation verse: Proverbs 4:23 “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”

Love wins… Grace wins…



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