Lead through Strength & Connect through weakness


This isn’t going to be my typical post. Not even close. A majority of my post are going to be directly related to the word of God and what it speaks into our lives, but today I am simply speaking from my heart. A heart full of biblical principle and genuine love for God and His people. 

There are SO many people that don’t stand up as leaders within their communities, families, friend circles, gyms, etc… Why? Because of the “baggage.” That’s nonsense and nothing but complete garbage. There are NO perfect people in this life. Not one. We all have weaknesses and things that we need to improve on, BUT that does not disqualify us to be leaders and encouraging others around us. Our weaknesses, hurts, disappointments, etc.. do not disqualify us from doing the things we need to do each day. NO! Those things allow us to connect to others on a much deeper level…

Over the last few months I have been on a complete roller coaster in life. A very frustrating roller coaster to say the least. One full of disappointments and closed doors. One where my ability to lead was questioned and I even fell into the trap of questioning it myself. After many nights of prayer and writing it all out I came to realize that it is all a lie. Yes, i’m a screw up who has a lot of things to work on, but there are MANY qualities that enable me to lead the way God needs me to lead. Yes I have areas of past hurts and insecurities in my life that need work BUT we all do.

Who is to say when we are “ready” to stand up and start leading? Who is to say when you are “qualified” to start leading those in your life. There are all people in our lives that NEED us to love and lead them. There are people in your life at this very moment that NEED you to step up and lead. Do you have to be perfect? NO. All you need to do is care and speak from experience. As a leader we need to lead from our strengths and help others become strong. When areas of weakness show up, those things don’t disqualify us, those are encouragers for others. If people are able to see our humility through our weaknesses then it allows hope to flow from that. 

This picture speaks perfectly of my point. As a leader, we need to use our strengths to lead and strengthen others. We must be humble to admit weaknesses and allow those to connect us with those around us. To connect on a much deeper level. You are not weak or “running” from things if you choose to acknowledgment the hurts and weaknesses as long as you deal with them as you move forward. You can be an effective leader as you work on yourself. If anyone wants to argue that then fine, but no one is ever going to be “fully” ready to lead. So lead within the circle you have. Whether that be one person, or 500. It does not matter. Just stand up and be the leader you need to be…

Love wins ya’ll… Grace wins…


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