Dear human…


True story… At first the title of this was, “Dear Christian” which really shocked me. Why would that shock me so much? It’s simple really, because every human matters. Regardless of race, religion, social class, etc… We all matter to God & I have not done a good enough job to let people know of God’s love.

It’s so easy for us as believers to fall into this trap of being so in love and feeling so loved from God that we forget that He is a lover of all. That at the core of the word the thing that God hates in sin… He hates sin because it destroys and hurts. He hates sin because it takes us away from Him. That’s a concept that so many people seem to overlook… It’s not that God doesn’t want us to sin because it’s simply “bad”… No no no no! He hates sin and does not want us to sin because He wants US. Because of God’s righteous perfection He cannot be near sin… Make sense? 

You see, it’s not that God hates sin because He doesn’t want us to have fun… Nooooo dear child… He hates sin because He yearns to be near us. He hates sin because it wraps us all up in false truths and leads to nothing but destruction. We all matter to God. We are all God’s created people. God is a loving God. A loving God that sent His son down to earth to die in our place. Not only did Jesus die in our place, but He was beaten, embarrassed, mocked, tortured, spit on, punched, etc… Everything you could ever imagine was poured out on Him. The perfect Son of God who did nothing wrong. Never once committed a sin… What’s even crazier is that He never condemned us…

There is a story in the book of John of a woman CAUGHT IN THE ACT of adultery… It’s funny because it barely dawned on me that it wasn’t that someone heard, or the rumor got around… The woman was LITERALLY in the middle of committing adultery. Ya’ll can use your imagination…. The “religious” people bring her before Jesus and asked what they should do with her (adultery was worthy of death by stoning and I don’t mean the 420 kind… radical right?)… 

So you can imagine all these people standing around holding stones in their hands ready to condemn this woman and kill her… (Funny how it’s always the religious people who carry around stones… that’s for another post.) Jesus responded and told them that whoever is without sin can cast the first stone… Boom. No one cast a stone. They all dropped there stones and walked away… Want to know another funny little nugget… Jesus COULD HAVE cast that first stone. You see, He was without sin and had EVERY RIGHT to cast that first stone at her, but He chose not to…

I say all this as a message for those who are far from God… I am sorry for the stones that have been thrown at you. Yes, we should all do our best to repent of our sins and run towards God, but none of us are worthy to throw a stone at you…

This also goes to all of the Christians I know… Drop the stone. 

Love wins… Grace wins…


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