A post to all the “father-less”

This is a simple post to all of my fellow “father-less” people in this world. I say fellow because I have found myself dealt the deck of cards that did not come with the “dad” card. I have continued to struggle with it for many years. What made it even worse was when I gave my life to Christ and God started getting referred to as “Father”…

Goodness if I could only express the pain & confusion that came with that. The pain & confusion of my image of “father” versus the image of our loving Father. I remember that night so dang vividly when I sit down every night before Father’s Day…. I remember the deep insecurities that came from hearing God referred to as Father. Would He leave me? Would I have to try and be “good enough” for my “dad” to come home and love me? Would I have to just watch other’s experience the joys of having a “dad” as I sit there crying? I remember being a child growing up and literally having to hold back tears when I would watch other boys playing catch, hearing about other boys going fishing, hunting, etc… I still can feel the pain when I sit down and think of all that I “missed” out on growing up… Goodness the hurts and insecurities that came when that well intentioned pastor referred to God as Father…

The good news is that I refused to believe that the God I read about in the bible was like my earthly dad. The good news is that I had a fresh canvas for God the Father to paint a beautiful picture on… It opened up the door to be at step one with my loving Father in heaven. Instead of having to “un-do” any of the potential damage my earthly dad would have caused I was in the perfect position to start this journey with my Father who has loved me deeply.

That’s what I hope to extend within this letter to the “father-less”…. You aren’t father-less. You aren’t alone. God is a loving Father, a Father that proved it by sending His one and only son Jesus to come and die the death that I deserved because He wanted me. GOD WANTS US. GOD WANTS YOU. You matter to God…

I’m not denying the fact that it hurts, that there may have been things that you “missed out” on without having a dad… This isn’t just for those that didn’t have a dad around physically. Just because a man impregnated a woman doesn’t make him a father… No no no…. Even if you had a “dad” and he was a terrible example of a man, husband, and dad you are not defined by him. You do not have to follow in his footsteps and allow that to define you. God defines you. Jesus defines you.

Young men and women you are loved. You are loved by a Father that went bankrupt to have you in His life. Now THATS the Father I know and love.

He is here for you. I am here for you. We all have hurts & pains, but those hurts and pains don’t have to last….


6 thoughts on “A post to all the “father-less”

    1. That’s awesome! It is always an amazing thing to be able to develop the ability to be in constant communication with our Father in heaven! It’s one of my favorite things to do throughout the day. For a while I actually had to set an alarm to remind myself, but over time it became like second nature…

      Thank you for reading, commenting, and liking my post!

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