#VOD: 1 John 2:2

He is the atoning sacrifice for our sins, and not only for ours but also for the sins of the whole world.” (1 John 2:2 NLT)


I had a conversation with someone this weekend and my heart sank when I heard them say, “One thing that I have always disliked is that Christians are some of the most judgemental people I have ever met.”

For real. How in THE WORLD did Jesus’ sacrifice get twisted into something that would be seen as a movement of judgemental people… I literally almost cried when I heard that. Without Him we are nothing. So who are we to judge?! Seriously. It is heartbreaking that as much as I’d love to be able to boldly deny that, I couldn’t. It’s the truth. In a majority of the churches throughout the United States, you will find people casting judgment on those “lesser” than them. The churches in America have become full of fake, judgemental, Pharisees. People who are entitled and act like they aren’t “as bad as them.” 

We as a church need to cut this out. It is cancer that is destroying so many people. God has made us all new. God has saved us all from the price of our sins. We are no better than the worst of sinners. We are no better than those that persecuted Jesus Himself and had Him hung on a cross. We are no better than David who committed adultery & murder. Noah was a drunk. Jacob was a liar. Gideon was afraid. Rahab was a prostitute. Peter denied Christ. Nick is divorced. Paul was overly religious. The disciples fell asleep multiple times during prayer. I’m sure by now you get the point. 

We all have sinned in our lives and we will all continue to struggle with sins to a different degree. We all have little quirks that are getting worked out day by day. 

I don’t care how religious or righteous you are. You are nothing without Christ. I am nothing without Christ. Our value is found in Christ alone. God looked down on our broken world and paid the ultimate price to have us. God looked down with compassion on all of us sinners and while we were still sinners He sent Jesus to die for us. Jesus’ name is above all names. He is the reason why we have abundant joy in the midst of trial. He is the sacrifice that gives us the freedom to live this life with abundant joy. At the end of the day, if we take Jesus out of the equation of our life it is plain to see that we would all be going to the same place. Same goes for putting Jesus into the equation… Because of Jesus, we are all going to the same place. 

So please. Get off your holy high horse and love on all. Extend the same grace & love that has been extended to you. Take the time to love on those that aren’t as strong in the Lord. Take the time to get to know the person you keep judging. Instead of casting judgment or dirty looks, why not go up to the person and love on them. HELP THEM grow in the Lord. HELP THEM become more like Christ. Just like those who have come and loved you to the cross you should do the same. 

Without Jesus, there is no hope… He is our hope…

Grace wins fam… Love wins…


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