#VOD: James 1:5

 If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking.” (James 1:5)


I personally have been seeking God for wisdom on a daily basis. There are a lot of changes that I am trying to make in my daily routine right now to get my direction on the path towards what God has for me. Within these changes, there has been a lot of resistence.

For the majority of my life I have lived a life without needing “wisdom” or anything like that to guide my decisions. I just lived how I felt. Going from one thing to another as I lost interest. I would go from diet plan to diet plan, workout plan to workout plan, book to book, game to game, etc… I would spend stupidly, give myself away stupidly, and give in to a majority of the urges that I felt had no harm on me.

The main issue I now face in my daily life is that it is hard for me to remain consitent when I feel resistence. It’s almost as if I feel myself being “defeated” in a way to where I just want to “give in” and enjoy that certain indulgence to feel that “peace.” It has plagued me physically for many years now! I know how I should be eating, and what I should be avoiding, but for some reason I still continue to indulge myself in those delicious treats that bring momentary satisfaction. The thing that I don’t realize, at times, is that although it does bring momentary satisfaction, it does not satisfy the depths of our souls…

At this point you may seem a little confused as to why I am even mentioning that when this verse speaks about asking for wisdom and God giving it to us? Well, it’s simple really… We need to have Godly wisdom in order for us to discern the areas where we need to cut things out. For some, the way I currently eat & live would be a MAJOR improvement for them, BUT in my current situation with my goals, calling, etc… it is not enough. This is where having that Godly wisdom comes in. This is where we need God to help us decide what goals are from Him and what goals are not from Him. Just because we have goals, and we decide that we want to do certain things does not mean that they are God given goals.

Whatever it is that we are pursuing with all of our hearts & souls… We need to make sure that these are things that God has for us in this life. I have seen over and over again people chasing after things that aren’t BAD THINGS, but they aren’t God things. They may be GOOD things, but they are God things. They aren’t what God has for them. So we must ask God for the wisdom to know what goals/asiprations/etc… are from Him and will be blessed by Him…

Take that time to sit down today & pray through each of your goals truly asking God which ones align with His heart & His calling for our life…

Love wins yall… Grace wins…


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