What do you do when convicted?


Now, before I begin with this post I want to start off by saying that the conviction I am referring to is the one that is confirmed by God. You know the one that hits you in the depths of your soul and all you can say is, “Alright Lord… I hear you.”

Earlier today at work I was having a conversation with you other employees and we were all joking with one another but my friend stopped and said,  “You know, sometimes you post the most inspirational things, but at times I get confused because of the other things that come out of that same mouth.”

Now, mind you it wasn’t anything bad, BUT I do joke with them both about being “old” even though they aren’t. Come to find out, the one was a little sensitive about age. During this conversation, I laughed it off at first but God really penetrated my heart with the TRUTH behind that sentence. Often times we get comfortable with people and start to let our morals slip. I mean, although it is hilarious to joke about things, I never stopped to think about maybe that person was sensitive to that subject. Why did I never stop and think? Well duh, I’m 25 and don’t know the first thing about struggling with being called old…

At that moment, I had a few choices. I could have played it off, acted like it didn’t matter, and realistically go AGAINST the conviction of the spirit, OR I could humble myself to the truth. So, what did I do? Laughed it off and told myself that my friend had no idea what they were talking bout… And continued on my day in pride instead of humility…

False. I stopped mid-conversation and thanked them. I looked them in the eyes and said I was genuinely thankful for what they said. I spent a good chunk of my lunch thinking about what was said and praying for God to help show me how I can improve that…

A lot of us, react in the first manner.When in reality, we should all react in the second. I don’t always humble myself so quickly, but I felt in the moment I needed to express that. Whether or not it was for God to use that to minister to their lives or not, I do not know, BUT I do know that in the moment I was being called to stand by the Word that I preach & live…

Next time that Godly conviction comes to you. Humble yourself and receive it. It is a glorious gift when God disciplines us and points out areas that need improving.

To my friend at work, Thank you for boldly voicing what you felt and letting God use you to shine a light where I needed to improve…


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