#VOD: Romans 8:6

“So letting your sinful nature control your mind leads to death. But letting the Spirit control your mind leads to life and peace.” (Romans 8:6 NLT)


Man… This verse is one of those verses that challenges me to my core.
My mental game sucks. BAD. When it comes to Crossfit, discouragement, confidence, etc… my mind is my worst enemy. My mind wanders places it shouldn’t at times and takes me down that rabbit hole that makes small problems into massive ones.

Now, I know some of you instantly are going to peg me with judgment and I’m okay with that. I know that weaknesses are not always “glamourous” or something worthy of praise, but I REFUSE to live a life acting like I have it all together because I DON’T. I have a lot of things that God is constantly working on in my heart and in my life. Is it discouraging? NOPE.

Ya, you read that right. I am not discouraged and ashamed of the fact that God is still working on me. When times of discipline and challenge come into my life I think back to what the writer of Hebrews talks about in chapter 12 about God disciplining those He loves. Funny story, that’s actually the next message I’ll be preaching at a local Faith RX’d meeting in my home town. Learning to let the spirit guide and direct our lives, thoughts, choices, etc… is in a process. One that will never fully be completed here on earth. I’m sure there are pretty that has an amazing track record and are faith-filled, passionate, fiery believers, BUT they have even had moments where they struggled.

One thing that stands out to be about this passage is the concept of “letting.” Both in the spirit be in control or the flesh. I think the main part of that is which one we are feeding the most. If we are constantly thinking about worldly things, I would imagine the flesh would be stronger and take control. If we constantly focus on God and the beautiful blessings in our lives, then the spirit will be stronger. The main point I am trying to make in this entire post is that we have to feed the thing we want to be in control. According to the Word, if the spirit is in control then there is life & peace… So realistically, let’s go with life and peace, shall we?

Love wins ya’ll…. Grace wins.




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