Fleeting Things​

What does this even mean? I have heard this thing referenced in my own head multiple times. Kind of like an echo that repeats over & over again…


I’ve heard it for years now & I mean years. I would spend little to no time thinking about this term… These last few days have been different though. I have actually sat back and started asking myself what it means and what God is trying to tell me. The more I prayed into it the more confused I became… The best way I can describe it is simply by comparing it to solving a puzzle that unlocked a deeper & more complex puzzle… 

It’s not a bad thing that’s for sure but it was really challenging me mentally, emotionally & spiritually. The main challenge has been trying to fully understand what it means in my personal life & where I need to apply it to my life. The main thing that stuck out to me was being a “people pleasure.” For some it’s money, fame, power, whatever… But for me, I constantly chase after pleasing others. Which I get in many ways isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can (and has) became a bad thing for me…

The reason I feel it has become a bad aspect of my life is simply because of how high up on the priority list it is. It’s something that I chase after constantly for two main reasons. 1- I simply want to help make other peoples lives better, whatever the cost. 2- I like being liked by people. Not in a weird sense, but it always bugs me when someone has an issue with me. Which often times gets me into weird moods with myself because I start to blame myself as if I did something wrong…

Regardless. Whatever “fleeting” thing you are chasing after in your life, please take the time to sit back, relax, think long & hard about what you are chasing, and if you need to let it get away… Often times, you need to let it get away. I constantly find myself having to let go of pleasing others, and focus on pleasing God first.

Love wins fam… Grace wins…


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