True Colors

This song means so very much to me. At first, it had a totally different meaning but the more I think of this song & the lyrics the more it changes.

You see, I use to think you could see someone’s true colors through the good times, but over these last few months, I have seen the true colors of many people. I would even extend this song to a majority of my life to those that have come and gone in my life. The ones that poured a lot of things into my life with false motives and those that have poured themselves out with no motive besides truly wanting me to be my absolute best.

That’s where the struggle beings with me. It is truly heartbreaking for me when I sit back and think of the people that said such beautiful and wonderful things towards me when there was a benefit for them, but when there was no longer something to gain from me they disappeared. It’s a sad world that we live in. The world where people’s true colors are almost always impossible to gauge. The world where we cannot always count on those that we think has our “best” interests at heart.

What’s even worse, is that a majority of those people walk around as if they do show their “true colors” to those around them, but yet they are just putting on a face to show how “awesome” or “supportive” of a person that they are, BUT when it comes time to continue to be there to love and support OUTSIDE of any gain for them, they do the opposite. 

There have been many people that have come and gone in my life. Both by my own doing and by their own. There have been VERY few people that have loved me even when I was completely unlovable. There have been VERY few people in my life that genuinely wanted to see me doing good regardless of themselves. They hide behind these “loving” cloaks that look so compassionate and amazing to those around them, but deep down they are nothing but insecurities.

At the end of the day, we need to be the kind of people that love without expectation of return. We need to be the kind of people that love outside of ourselves. We need to be the kind of people that would lay our lives down, even for those that could care less about our own.

I have genuinely grown to see some true  & beautiful colors deep down inside people in this world. I have also seen some very true & beautiful colors on the surface. Sometimes you have to let the world start falling apart to see who is digging through the rubble to find you. Sometimes you have to wait for the disaster to hit to see who is there to help you rebuild. Rich people have a lot of people in their lives, but very few friends.

At the end of it all, you have me. At the end of myself, you have Jesus.
This is an open letter to all of those who feel like they are lost and alone. A letter to all of those who put on these “fake” colors each day so others think you are great on the surface. A letter to all of those that feel small and like they don’t matter.

It’s okay. It’s okay to keep going each and every day giving your best. It’s okay to stay strong and stand tall in the midst of a crazy storm, but you need someone to call. You need someone to talk to. You need people in your life that will love you when you are at the bottom & at the top. Don’t be afraid to show your true colors. Someone will see them as beautiful & not just when they want something from you…

They will love you. He loves you. He loves your true colors… God still loves us at our worst…

Love wins fam…. Grace wins….


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