#VOD: Psalm 5:11-12

But let all who take refuge in you rejoice; let them sing joyful praises forever. Spread your protection over them, that all who love your name may be filled with joy. For you bless the godly, O Lordyou surround them with your shield of love.” (Psalm 5:11-12 NLT)




I think about this verse & honestly get mixed feelings. I know that must be weird for you to be reading, but this is where my transparency kicks in. Stick this out with me as I elaborate a bit…

You see, this verse very clearly tells us that the Lord blesses the righteous and that He covers them with favor as with a shield… I mean HECK YA, YES AND AMEN Lord but… I mean, but when does this kick in? Haha, i’m serious… If I were to look at my life through the eyes of the flesh I would not see my life as being favored. 25-year-old dude with two kids, loads of debt from bad choices in the past, a job where I am barely making it by, having to get a second job so I can do what I love and workout on a daily basis at a Crossfit gym… I mean is that being favored? Is that the world’s way of being blessed and prospering? “No.”

You see… This is where the shift in our minds & hearts need to change. In all reality, I am extremely blessed and favored. I’m 25 with two absolutely adorable and wonderful children. Ya, I pay a good chunk of money each month in “child support” but does that negate that I’m not extremely blessed? I have the unconditional love of two little girls that look at me like I am IT. The love & affection I get from them is like none other. 

Ya, I got loads of debt & a job where I am “barely” making it. The debt has nothing to do with God’s favor or lack of favor. No, that’s my dumb choices and lack of money management. That’s from me not being smart with the money God gave me when I was making extremely good money. That’s from me trying to live a life that I couldn’t live and instead of humbling myself to NOT try to live at a level above my means I just put it on that magic piece of plastic. A job where I barely get by? HA. That’s comedy. I make pretty good money for being 25 years old without a business degree. All my bills get paid, I am able to save a bit, I tithe, I have a reliable vehicle, I can take my daughters on dates, and at times I can even splurge on getting them some clothes… 

My second job? Ya, it’s a pain that I have to get up early at times to open up the gym at 4:15 AM, but I again… I am favored in that. I was blessed enough to get my L1 certificate to be a Crossfit Coach. I was blessed enough to become good friends with the owner of a local gym that lets me exchange membership for coaching. I am blessed enough to interact and help people become the best version of themselves on a daily basis… 

Long story short. I am blessed and highly favored by the Lord. In comparison to a vast majority of the United States and ESPECIALLY the world as a whole, I have a pretty sweet life… 

When you start to question where you stand with God. Please take a moment and understand how blessed you really are.

Love wins yall… Grace wins…


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