#VOD: Ephesians 4:26

“And “don’t sin by letting anger control you.” Don’t let the sun go down while you are still angry…
” (Ephesians 4:26)


So often we hold onto things MUCH longer then we need to, and for some odd reason we refuse to let it go. Often times pride is the main culperate there…

But seriously, why is it that when we get angry we tend to desperarely hold onto the offense. Honestly, I know we all have those people in our lives that are still upset over something that someone did to them days, weeks, months and even YEARS ago. They walk around constantly upset, angry, bitter, LOOKING for reason to get angry. Right?!

It’s so heart breaking when you come across someone that is SO angry with people and life that they are constantly misreable. What’s even worse is that when they hold onto that anger it causes them to sin. Whether that be bitterness, porn, over eating, etc… At times the thing that is causing us the most sin in our lives in un-dealt with anger. Anger that we have been holding onto from someone who has hurt or offended us.

Trust me. I’ve been that person. That was hurt on an incredibly deep level by someone I cared about and trusted! I held onto the offense for a long time and was just bitter, rude, or closed off towards that person and many other people. Holding onto that anger, unforgiveness, bitterness, etc… only caused me more sin and heart ache in life.

When I truly let go, forgave them, let that anger subside, and decided that I wasn’t going to waste another day being angry with other people. I cannot control them, I cannot control what happens to me, BUT I can control myself. I can control my thought life, my ability to let go and let God do what only God can do…

Lay it down fam. Lay it down…

Love wins fam… Grace wins.


3 thoughts on “#VOD: Ephesians 4:26

  1. What really makes a person hold on to grudges so long? I mean people will rather die and go to the grave with that junk. it’s so much lighter to let go and be free then to hold on to junk.

    When I first got married and me and my husband read this verse almost every time during our devotions together. At the time I wasn’t sure what God was revealing to us both. But after being married a year the Lord quickly showed me. All married couples have disagreements, but I can openly say that I am a little stubborn at times. And so the Lord showed me He was going to break that in me.

    When we had a disagreement my personality is to be still not say a word, I would shut down until I cooled off. Well I thought that was the correct thing to do, Not according to God it wasn’t. If we had a disagreement and I got mad that night when it was time to go to sleep, the Lord would not let me sleep. I mean I would toss and turn all night. The holy spirit would be asking me questions and all I wanted to do was sleep.

    To end my testimony I learned that I will never go to bed mad ever again at my husband. It had nothing to do with me missing sleep it had everything to do with me being obedient to the scriptures. Anytime you go to be with angry you are allowing the enemy to put a wedge between your marriage.

    I hope I didn’t write to much on your posting.

    Have a bless day today.

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    1. The best thing I can think of is simply pride. We live in a world that seems to think that apologizing first means we are “weak” or that we are letting “them win”…

      Right? I mean how many times have we been at the point where we think about apologizing and/or letting go of a grudge, but we think that they won’t appreciate it. Or that they won’t do it back, etc… When in reality apologizing and letting go frees us.

      I’ve been at moments like this many times where I wrestle with wanting to apologize. Even when I knew I was wrong, it felt like I was admitting defeat. Which is silly.

      I love how you mentioned being obedient to the scriptures. Because that’s ultimately what it is all about right? Not going off of emotions, but off of scriptures. That’s when God can do absolutely incredible and marvelous things in our life! Because obedience is a choice, and we should always choose God…

      THANK YOU for writing as much as you did. I truly enjoyed reading your comment and I will be praying for you and your husband. For you to both see that God is bigger then anything on this earth and that marriage is meant to point to Jesus…

      Thank you…

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  2. Christianity is a journey and it takes time to let go and let God.
    I believe sin is the root cause of all of our disobedience. When I find myself been disobedient and full of prideful and I examine why. I realized it’s tbe guilt of sin holding me back. I learn to let go and let God because I am the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ.

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