#VOD: Proverbs 21:7 NLT

The godly walk with integrity;
    blessed are their children who follow them.
(Proverbs 21:7 NLT)


I absolutely LOVE this verse in so many ways. It has SO much meaning to it and it can go a number of different ways… I could talk about how as Godly people we are to be active and walk our the life of Jesus… I could talk about how you can pinpoint a Godly person by the way they carry themselves on a daily basis and so many other ways, BUT the way this verse really spoke to me was talking about how this verse tells us that the Godly walk with integrity, not that we must walk in perfection.

There is this really DUMB outlook on Christians. Both within the church and those outside of the church itself. Both views are equally harmful to the body of Christ as a whole and make a huge impact on this world…

First off, you have the super religious people within the church that cannot seem to look past people being people. What I mean by this is by people making mistakes and not being perfect. DUH! If we were perfect we wouldn’t need Jesus…

Second off, is the people outside of the church walls. That see a Christian fall and instantly label them a hypocrite… Both of these are incredibly false and harmful.

Yes, we should hold ourselves to a higher standard and always thrive to bring our best to God. The truth is, only God knows what our true “best” is and He is the one that weighs that out at the end of the day…

Take some advice today fam… God loves you. God has loved you just as much at your darkest point, in your dirtiest time as He does at your absolute best time…

Walk with integrity… Try your best… Do everything you can to be able to lay your head down at the end of the night with peace knowing that God loves you. If you messed up, apologize to God and ask Him to help you not make that same mistake… If you mess up again, repeat the same process over and over again until God helps you conquer that mistake…

Love wins fam…. Grace wins…


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