#VOD: 1 Timothy 1:15

“This saying is trustworthy and deserving of full acceptance: “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners” — and I am the worst of them.”


When God speaks, He really speaks.
This morning, as I was at the gym doing some light accessory stuff I was talking with Haylee about prayer requests and one of my requests, was about not feeling like I am good enough.

Deep down inside I have always struggled with feeling insignificant, worthless, not good enough, etc… Which I think when it all comes down to it, we all have a bit of that struggle within ourselves. Regardless of what area it may be in (finances, physical, spiritual, relational, etc…).

On our own, none of us are good enough. Let’s be real here. At the core of us all, we struggle with doing nice things, reacting in nice ways, and speaking positive things to others. At times, yes it may be easy, but there are many occasions where our immediate reactions are negative! A good amount of people can correct it rather quickly and react in love, BUT our initial reactions aren’t positive.

I say that just so we can all see that it is true. At the core of it all, without the goodness of God and Jesus’ death on the cross, i’m not good enough. What Jesus did makes me good enough. There is nothing I have to do to be “good enough” because He already did it. Because of what Jesus did and my acceptance in that, I am good enough.

Really let that soak in today fam. We are only “good enough” because of what Christ has done. He makes us good enough, He makes me priceless, He makes me significant. I need not do anything but accept it…


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