Random thought…. “the chief of sinners”

This morning I was challenged pretty deeply.

I was reading and I came across the Apostle Paul calls himself “the chief of sinners”… it challenged me simply because Paul was such a man of God, completely abandoned for the Gospel. He was easily one of the holiest men alive at that time & even still today challenges true holy living, but yet… He is aware of the immense grace that God has for him.

You see, the more in love & passionate Paul was for Jesus the more he realized the immense grace he needed…

If we look at how this is for the church, that means the longer we are Christians the LESS judgemental we should become and the MORE aware of our own sin we should be… The sad truth is a majority of those in the church (little c) have done the opposite… They have become MUCH better at judging others & less aware of there own sin and desperate need for Jesus…

We need less finger pointing & more self-reflecting. How are we to REFLECT the love of Christ if all we do is judge. How is that a reflection?! Nah man… that’s reflecting the Pharisees… it’s time for a gut check fam.


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