#VOD: Colossians 4:5

“Live wisely among those who are not believers, and make the most of every opportunity. Let your conversation be gracious and attractive so that you will have the right response for everyone.”


Living in the world, but not for the world… It’s such a simple concept mentally, but so much more difficult to fully apply. Where do we draw the line? Is it okay to go to a bar? Is it okay to go to a club? Is it okay to be at a house party where ungodly things are happening? So on and so forth…

I do believe there are firm guidelines with things we should not be doing, but there are also a lot of grey areas when it comes to what it means to be living wisely among those who do not believe… For me, I don’t feel bad going to the bar with my friends… Why? Because I can easily go into a bar to have some food, good conversation and leave not being drunk. For others, I would highly recommend them NOT going to the bar with their friends if they end up getting drunk…

1- We need to be living wisely among our unsaved peers

This does not mean that we need to avoid doing anything outside of a “church” function. This means we must use Godly measures for how God needs us to reach those around us.  If something your unsaved peers are doing is causing you to fall into sin, then it is clear that you need to recalibrate the activities you are doing with them. We CAN live wisely among our unsaved peers WITHOUT putting ourselves into bad situations.

2- Living wisely needs to be at all times

What I mean by this is how we carry ourselves. The way we speak about others, our significant others, the frustrating people and situations in our lives & definitely how we handle trying situations that come into our lives… Do we react to faith or fear? Do we make a wise decision where we seek God first or make impulsive decisions based off of our feelings? We need to live a  life that CONSTANTLY points towards our hope and faith in Christ….

3- When the opportunity arises, be prepared to share the Good News with them

Too often we all find ourselves in situations where we can stand for God and HELP our friends by giving them Godly advice, but we shy away from it. We fear rejection or ridicule from our friends, BUT that is not what we need to fear. We need to fear our friends being rejected from heaven because we were not bold enough to share the truth with them…

Live wisely, love Godly, and shine as an example for Him…


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