#VOD: 2 Corinthians 4:16

“That is why we never give up. Though our bodies are dying, our spirits are being renewed every day.”


There should be much more emphasis put on eternity in our lives… Paul is making a point to us all that although we all age & eventually die, that we are growing stronger and more vibrant in our spirits. Each and everyday we should be maturing more in Christ, and moving closer towards perfection in Jesus.

1- When we focus on eternity, we become renewed with passion & hope

Truth is, at one point aging starts to suck.  As you get older you start getting tired earlier, it gets harder to wake up, you can’t recover from tough workouts as quickly, responsibilities pile up, etc… As Americans we have spent a majority of our lives being presented this false “American Dream” to where we graduate from college, find a spouse, buy a pretty little house, have kids, invest in our 401k’s so we can retire and enjoy the last 10-15years of life doing what we want…

That’s nonsense. The word of God teaches us something extremely different. We are to live completely sold out to Jesus. A life filled with excitment, risks, failures, triumphs, joy, hope, love, passion, excitment, etc… It’s counter “American Dream”. When we live a life of faith we continually grow in Christ and things only get better and better (spiritually).

2- When our life comes to an end, what we did on earth for Jesus will be compounded in heaven.

I live my life yearning to hear, “Well done good & faithful servant.” Nothing get’s me more insprired and hopeful to stand before God and know that I gave my all. Knowing that when I die I did my absolute best to ensure that my kids were raised in the way of God, both by word & deed. I want to die knowing that each and every person I met I loved to the best capactiy I had for the moment. I want to know that the resources God blessed me with are still echoing into the local Church… There is a certain beauty when we remind ourselves that our spirits are renewed, refreshed, and strengthened each day! There is freedom…

We all end up in the same place at the end of our lives… The ground.
What happens for an eternity afterward completely relies on the way we live our lives today… #EternityMinded


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