#VOD: 1 Chronicles 29:13

“And now we thank you, our God, and praise your glorious name.”


I always think to myself… Even if God did NOTHING else, but send Jesus to die for my sins I should be infinitely grateful for that. I mean what else could we want?! We get an eternity in heaven because of what Jesus did…

1 – Thankfulness is an attitude & reveals our hearts

At the end of the day, we all have things to be grateful for. Regardless of what is going on in this temporary time of our life, we are promised an eternity in heaven. Regardless of how hard life is, God has promised better. Regardless of how stressful things can be, He has promised peace. There are so many things that God has promised us that we just don’t access. We HAVE the access but yet we all commonly turn towards something else instead of turning to God.
When we turn to God for all of our needs, it creates a healthy heart of praise & thankfulness.

2- Stop blaming God for the problems in your life

I get that there are things in this life that don’t make sense, and that can be frustration. At times, it’s just how it is. Some of us got dealt a crap deck of “life” cards, but that doesn’t change who God is. For me, I love the deck of cards I got now. Was it “ideal”? Heck no, BUT I have seen God’s power work through this deck of cards more than He could of if life would have been different.

3- He is a good God, a loving Father, a loyal Savior, and a caring friend… That alone should make us thankful.

At the end of the day, God will always have your back. Even if the times where I was completely rejecting Him, and living for all the pleasures of this world He still pursued me. He never stopped & He never will. Same goes for all of us. No matter where we are at, He is there. He wants us to come home, to live within His loving presence for all of eternity. He loves us SO much that He gives us a choice. Forced love isn’t love, so He allows us to choose.


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