#VOD: Isaiah 25:1

“O Lord, I will honor and praise your name, for you are my God. You do such wonderful things! You planned them long ago, and now you have accomplished them.”


Time and time again verses like these challenge my hearts commitment towards God and His purpose in my life. There have been multiple points in my life where I have been at a crossroad that seemed like my life would be “ruined” aka I was being extremely dramatic.

1- We can trust that He has planned great things for us

Nothing that God has planned for us will end up being for our good and His glory. I will repeat that time & time again. Absolutely NOTHING that God has planned for us. It may not seem like it in the moment, but with a perspective shift, it will open our eyes to much greater. I know that when I look back at every major event in my life that they have all ultimately worked out in my favor. In the moment it did not seem that way, but they did. This should give us the faith required to move forward KNOWING that His plan for us all is great. 

2- He will accomplish it

I give WAY too much weight to decision making. Yes, seek Him, pray, seek wisdom, etc… BUT have peace that when you make a decision AFTER seeking His face that you’re good. Nothing on this earth will stop God from accomplishing His purpose. Nothing. Sorry, you aren’t that cool. There have been many decisions I have made that would be easier for me to feel regret on, BUT I refuse to live that way. His plan and purpose are great & it will be accomplished, BUT there is a catch. I must continue to seek Him in all my ways, and so do you.

3- Whatever we do, we must do it to honor and praise His name

When we make decisions with an eternity mindset, with a mindset set on Kingdom things, then we have nothing to fear! Yes, we will make mistakes and the “wrong” decision at times, BUT that doesn’t mean God won’t honor our hearts. I’ll finish with a quick little story.
Once upon a time, my beautiful little girls decided they wanted to be helpful and pick up the laundry in their room… BUT they took their clean clothes and mixed them with the dirty ones. Long story short, instead of one small load of laundry it became two big loads of laundry aka much more work for me… I knew that in their hearts they were really trying to help, even though it was the opposite of helpful…

Same goes for God. It’s our hearts that matter most. That’s what He looks at in all actions. He is the one who produces the fruit, we just have to plant with a good heart.


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