#VOD: Psalms 51:10

“Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.”




David knew his desperation for God. He knew how badly he needed God to do a mighty work in his life! It is by God & God alone that we are made clean. It is by God & God alone that we can have a loyal spirit set on things above. 

This entire Psalm speaks of David’s understanding of his desperation for God to do a mighty work in his life. Nothing of David’s own power would make a difference. 

1- “We didn’t do anything to earn the gift, so we can’t do anything to sustain it.” -Pastor Russ Chambers

I think this aligns perfectly with this Psalm. As believers, we tend to fall into a false mindset of trying to earn God’s approval and love. As if we ever earned it in the first place? 

That always conflicted in my mind & heart. When I first got saved I knew how desperately I needed God in my life, but as I started walking with Christ I felt as if my obedience, works, study time, worship time & prayer life would be the difference. 

I’m not saying that those areas don’t bring us into a better understanding & awareness of God, but instead that those things are not what our relationship hinges on. 

2- A clean heart & loyal spirit

Neither of these is within our own power. Having a clean heart & a loyal spirit is something only God can do. We just simply acknowledge, surrender & ask. He is faithful to show up. Always has & always will. 

He is the one & only source of true life. He created us, He forgave us, He redeemed us & He wants us. We have nothing that He needs, but everything that He wants… A devoted life, a clean heart & a loyal spirit….


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