#VOD: Psalm 68:19

“Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens.”


“Who daily bears our burdens.” What a portion of scripture to read! The creator of everything bears our burdens daily?! But why? How many people in your life do you that TRULY will bear ALL your burdens for no reason at all besides simple love & affection? No ties, no strings attached, no obligation, but purely the fact that they love you?

Yes, there may be parents, friends & family members that occasionally bear your burdens, or attempt to help with those burdens but to truly take those burdens from you COMPLETELY and bear them as their own? Definitely not. God does this because He wants to. Not because He needs to, but simply because He looks at you & wants you to enjoy all that He has for you…

1- He wants to

First off, I want to address the cancer in the world that is the “self-made” epidemic going around. So many of us choose to handle things ourselves and think that if we get helped through it that we aren’t good enough. That’s truly nonsense. For a long time, I walked through life feeling like I need to do the work myself because God has enough things to worry about. In a way, I had this twisted mindset that I am doing Him some kind of favor by not allowing Him to bear my burdens. The simple truth is, that He truly WANTS to bear those burdens for us all.

2- Bears them daily

God bears our burdens DAILY, so we must continually trust in His daily provisions. It is easy and typical for us to focus on tomorrow, the next day, next week, etc… 5-year plans, 10-year plans, goals, etc… are all amazing things, but they change so frequently that at times we can spend WAY too much time thinking about those things. We need to simply trust God and His plan. There is a reason that the Bible talks about God providing DAILY. He doesn’t want us to be overstressed thinking about things that we have no control over. I have always had a “5-year” plan when it comes to my life, but NOTHING of my 5-year plan ever stays the same. Goals, situations, lifestyle, etc… are constantly changing when I focus on where God is leading me. There is no reason to get so set in your goals that you forget that He bears our burdens on a daily basis, so we should focus on our daily goals.

No matter where life is, He is there. It may not make sense in the moment, but that’s why it’s called faith. We are called to trust in His ultimate plan for our life & use wisdom to do our part in His plan, not our own…


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