#VOD: Psalm 33:18


“But the eyes of the Lord are on those who fear Him, on those whose hope is in His unfailing love.”



Isn’t this such a weird piece of the Bible?! I mean at the surface level it seems to be contradicting right?! Fear & hope in His unfailing love?! That seems insane! But it’s not…

The “fear” that is being talked about here isn’t the same fear we think of. It’s actually much different. It’s a healthy sense of fear… Pretty much the knowledge that God could stop our hearts at any moment, but doesn’t. The knowledge that God could have condemned us all to hell, but didn’t. I would imagine the best example to compare would be the fear that the Israelites felt walking through the Red Sea! Knowing that at any moment, the waves could come crashing down on all of them…

You see, when we dig into this concept deeper they actually perfectly compliment each other… having that healthy fear of God compounds our hope in His unfailing love! Because we have a healthy fear of what God COULD DO but He doesn’t. He withholds what’s we all deserve to give us something that we don’t… THAT’s love. Crazy, passionate, scandalous love!

No matter where you are in life, He loves you. We should all develop a healthy level of fear for what God COULD do, but doesn’t. That fear will drive us into a deeper understanding of His love.


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