#VOD: Hebrews 4:16

“So let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. There we will receive his mercy, and we will find grace to help us when we need it most.”


It’s in moments of immense pain where God can work immense power in our lives. In life, there is no way to avoid pain. In Crossfit, pain=progress. Does that mean that the pain is going to suck any less? Nope. BUT that does mean that the pain can push us into much greater things in our lives.

Often times God allows great pain to come into our lives because there is great power that He wants to do through it. All of the great people in the Bible found greatness through God when they pursued Him in the midst of pain. All of the great Crossfit Athletes pursue pain with all they have. They enter into the “pain cave” with a purpose to come out better than when they went in.

Although God’s throne room is nothing compared to the Crossfit “pain cave” we must still enter in with that mindset. We must boldly run into the throne room of our Father and press as hard as we can. Cry as loud as we need to. Hurt as much as we need to hurt. Confess, repent, listen, dig deeper and deeper into the hurts, anxieties, fears, and pain in our life WITH the purpose of walking out of the throne room a better person.

So often we stay in the pain. We wallow in the pain. We let the pain become who we are. We let misery overwhelm us to the point of more pain. The author of Hebrews is expressing exactly what God needs us to hear. We are to enter boldly into God’s Throne room, leaving it all at His feet. We must press to the point of deepest and darkest pain in our hearts and then leave it. Through this process of entering in each moment, leaving it at His feet, receiving the mercy and grace that He has for us in the moment we need it most, we grow.

Just like the hardest of metcons. Just like the deepest, darkest pain, the “FRAN” can bring us. We press through the pain, even pushing harder for more pain BECAUSE we know it ends. BECAUSE we know that after these few moments of immense pain, that we will walk out of that pain cave a better athlete. Don’t run from the pain cave fam. Push harder. Dig deeper. Give the pain a purpose.


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