Always & Forever

6025_640x640“Keep your life free from the love of money. Be satisfied with what you have, for he himself has said, I will never leave you or abandon you.” 

In life, we continually turn to so many other things for satisfaction. We spend so much time, effort, money, and tears on trying to seek after things we THINK will satisfy us.

I’m sure it is safe to assume we have all had our fair share of disappointments. Moments where we did everything we could to achieve something only to fail. Moments where we completely devoted everything we possibly could for something we desperately wanted but did not get what we desired. We instantly go into a weird state of frustration from not getting what we wanted even though we did “everything” we could. Right? Isn’t it an extremely frustrating and hurting feeling to give your absolute BEST towards a purpose you truly wanted to achieve, only to end up disappointed, hurt and confused?

Now, this is where the bait and switch happens.
How do you think God feels? I mean, stop and think about the thing that you gave EVERYTHING towards and came up empty handed… The hurt. The heartache. The broken heart. The confusion. The disappointment… All of it… Let it sink in.

Now. Think about the simple fact that Heaven went BANKRUPT for us, for YOU… The maker of life itself wanted YOU SO BADLY that He sent His one and only son to live the life we should have lived, to die a death we all deserve, to pay a debt we could never repay and rose on the third day all so He could have your heart and affection. I mean really?! Are you frigging KIDDING ME?!

I mean how many of us walk through life not feeling loved. Feeling alone, worthless, unlovable, tainted by our past, walking in this state of never truly feeling complete… We constantly turn and devote ourselves to things that will never satisfy and ignore the one who LITERALLY did everything for you. Can you imagine how God feels at times… Watching us turn away from Him constantly… Watching the person He loves so dearly hurting, aching, crying and living a life outside of what He designed for them to have, a life FAR more beautiful than the one they are pursuing… It breaks His heart. It breaks His heart that He has done everything He could for our souls, for our peace, for our love, for our devotion, and for our affection but yet…. We turn to things that will never satisfy, devote WAY more time to it, end up hurt and questioning…

He doesn’t want that for us. Yes, He wants us to find love. Yes, He wants us to be happily married, with a beautiful home, wonderful kids, a fruitful life with friends, traveling all over His beautiful earth, etc… All your hopes & dreams are not bad, but they become bad when we make those ideas, dreams, and hopes our idol…

Just surrender to Him. Let Him satisfy the depths of your soul… When we surrender He will do incredible things in our lives. When we truly let go and let God do what only God can do… Things change.

Coming from a man who has spent a majority of His life utterly devoted to everything he thinks he needs to feel satisfied and loved. Coming from a man who has had incredible heartbreaks. Coming from a man who has struggled for many years with the hurts of his past. I’m here to tell you that He wants you. I’m here to tell you that no matter how “dirty” you may feel, He loves you. I’m here to tell you that no matter what others have made you feel like, He loves you. I’m here to tell you that you no longer have to try and earn love, He loves you.

Let Him satisfy you. Let Him be your true source of life.
Surrender and let Him have His way….


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