Through Him


“I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” 


This is originally what I wanted to post about this morning when I was starting to pray for what someone needs to hear today. Each morning I wake up and pray for what God needs to be said through this blog. Whether this blog is only read by one person, or by one million people. That does not matter. It’s vital to me and to my heart to fully express myself here. So, instead of doing my normal post on the Verse Of The Day, I decided it would be best to express myself on the idea of hurting… Because in a world full of social media highlights, blogs and overall this idea that this world has put on us.
This world has come to selling a lie of “positivity”. You know, work hard, hustle harder, if you dream it you can achieve it, if you focus on the positives enough you will get through it, etc… I don’t believe that at all be the truth. Yes, we should not dwell on things or actions outside of our control BUT we should acknowledge that at times there will be pain. We should acknowledge that there will be days where you just feel gloomy. And you know what? That’s perfectly OKAY. You can hurt with hope and get through it in a Godly manner…
Let’s set this straight… You can’t do ALL THINGS. This verse has been butchered over & over again as a motivational verse. Although it is incredibly encouraging & amazingly refreshing to read we must remain focus on what this verse is REALLY saying…
Yes. Anything THAT JESUS calls us to do CAN & WILL be done. The part that is commonly missed is that it is things that are THROUGH Him.
Here are some examples.
It doesn’t matter how hard you try a job. If it is not where God wants you, you will not be fruitful. It doesn’t matter how passionately you love a person. If that is not the relationship God wants you in, you will not be fruitful. It doesn’t matter how hard you workout each day. If God doesn’t want you to be a Crossfit Games Athlete, you won’t.
On the flip side:
If you are at the job God wants you to be at, your hard work will be compounded to be far greater. If you are in the relationship God wants you to be in, your heart & soul will be full of joy. If you are meant to make it to the Crossfit games, your results will be unreal to the “norm”
I say all this to simply get a point across to all of us who give our absolute best. There are many times we put SO much effort into something that God doesn’t want us to put effort into. Many of us are living a frustrated & defeated life because we are focusing so much time, energy, passion & love for things that we shouldn’t. We live a life feeling so defeated because nothing ever seems to go our way!
We all need to try and understand that there is freedom of God! That we can pursue HIM with all we have & instead of ending up feeling lost & defeated we would see the glorious life He wants for us. No person, thing, career or hobby will ever satisfy you. We can do anything through Christ.
We can have a fruitful marriage. We can have a fruitful career. We can have a freedom to walk without shame & regret.
These things can only be achieved THROUGH Christ.



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