You Must Commit


“Commit your work to the Lord , and your plans will be established.” 

How much time have we spent living in a state of disappointment over NOT getting the results we want. I know for myself I have felt this state of multiple times… Whether that be with my diet, my workouts, my walk with God, my finances, etc… Almost every time this disappointment comes from a lack of commitment on my end.

I cannot think of any times in my life that a goal has fallen through purely based on something outside of my control. Yes, there are things in life that happen that are outside of our control but when we are committed to a goal we make the necessary adjustments. It’s with that Godly COMMITMENT that we are able to accomplish so much. When we commit to things that truly matter to God and truly matter to us we are able to make incredible changes in our lives.

The bible says we must count the cost before we commit. (Luke 14:28)

Let’s talk examples:
When it comes to dieting there will ALWAYS be temptations around. Sadly, we do not live in a world where overindulging in foods we do not need is rare. It’s actually the complete opposite. Our culture today is VERY well fed and typically within a 5-minute walk, we can get something that is absolutely terrible for our bodies, but so very good for the momentary satisfaction. It’s easy to make excuses as to why you can’t eat healthily, but although the upfront cost is MUCH less, the return is much more costly. If we would put the effort into eating good healthy foods & say no to things that are not good for our bodies, the return would be AMAZING. Losing weight, feeling better, energy levels being normal, strength going up, endurance going up, adding years to our life, etc… So although it may cost more upfront when needing to put the effort into meal prepping, saying no to things you shouldn’t eat, fighting off cravings, having to order something healthy from an amazing dinner place, etc… the results listed above are SO worth it.

When it comes to your workouts! One of the things I absolutely LOVE about being involved in Crossfit is that all gyms operate in a similar manner. In a 1 hour class, you have a coach that tells you what to do, how to do, how long to do it, and gives you advice along the way. It’s as simple as the walk in, do what you’re told, give maximum effort and walk out feeling amazing. Recently, I have had a desire to push myself a little bit harder! So I started to follow “CompTrain” for my workouts. I have seen some great results so far, but there was an upfront cost. In order to not obstruct the 5 am class, I need to get up at 3 am, get to the gym and be warming up by 3:30 am & be ready to start the workout for the day by 3:45. Waking up that early means I need to get to bed early. Pushing myself harder means I must be better about my recovery. There are countless sacrifices that need to be made, but the results from the commitment are UNREAL.

When it comes to our walks with God. The upfront cost of denying ourselves and our selfish desires is rough. There are a lot of things our flesh wants us to do. There are a lot of things this world tells us to do. The way the world tells us to live is completely counter to the way Jesus says we need to live! The upfront cost cannot be compared to the end result of that commitment. Whatever that commitment may look like for you, that does not matter. What Jesus has to offer us at the end of the commitment is not something we can count.

Whatever it is you are doing with this “new year”. Commit it to God. Commit to yourself. Commit to making sure NOTHING will hold you back from your goals. I can assure you that the promises of God are worthy of holding onto. Even in the midst of the darkest of hours, His light will continue to shine brightly.


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