Joy or Grief


As I was praying for what to write this morning I really kept feeling in my heart to talk about the choice between feeling joyful and blessed or feeling grief. Let me start off by saying that we are all justified by our faith in Jesus (Romans 5:1). That’s not something that should ever be doubted. Whether you are the “chief” of sinners as Paul called himself (1 Timothy 1:15), or you have lived a pretty “blameless” life. It doesn’t matter. We are all justified by our faith in Christ and that faith alone. None of us can earn any of what He gives us and we shouldn’t EVER feel like we are separated from Him depending on how “good” we are living.

Now. Onto why I felt I should talk about the difference between “joy” and “grief” when it comes to our daily lives. All throughout the bible is talks about those walking in God’s way being blessed, having joy, being fruitful, etc… Without a proper understanding of the overall picture of the bible and it’s message, that can become a very condemning thought to live under. Naturally, if the bible talks about being blessed, having joy, being fruitful, etc… to be paired with living in God’s ways that should mean that when we don’t obey His commands that we are less blessed, joyful, and fruitful right? Wrong.

You see. The best way to describe this concept is when you think about a stream/river. The Holy Spirit/God is the water, the river is our life, and the rocks are the sin. When a river is not blocked up by a bunch of rocks it frees up the ability for the water to flow freely and without restraint. Whether there are rocks in the river or not does not affect that amount of water flowing from upstream, it just gets in the way and slows it down.

The same is said about sin. When we do everything we can to walk in His ways and obey His commands the water (Holy Spirit/God) can flow freely down the river (life) and not be held back or slowed down by rocks (sin). So the truth is, that the less sin we have in our life the more God can move and do amazing things. God’s not the one holding back His spirit (water) in our lives (river). Our sin (rocks) hold it back.

So each moment we are faced with the option to obey or disobey is a moment where we have to decide if we want to slow down the flow of God in our lives or not. There have been many occasions in my life where I have let sin creep into my life, and before I knew it I had an entire dam built up without even knowing it. I felt like God wasn’t there (but He was and always is). I felt like God didn’t want to use me (but He did, He just couldn’t get through). Etc… My Pastor told me once over lunch that God will never let us write a check that we can’t cash. Basically, God won’t call us to something that we aren’t ready for.

So back to the title. Each day. Each Moment. Multiple times a day we will have the choice to choose joy and obey, or choose to disobey and feel grief. The grief isn’t a bad thing. It’s a good indication that you are growing closer to God and things that aren’t of Him are no longer enjoyable.

Before I came to know God I use to watch porn on a frequent basis. Without a care in the world. It was normal. When I came to know God it didn’t feel the same way. I struggled with it on and off for a long time as I overcame the addiction, BUT everytime the temptations came I would remind myself of the grief I know I’ll face afterward. I know how GREAT it feels when God is completely flowing without restraint in my life, and I know what it feels like to walk with that grief of disobeying.

Choose freedom today. Choose joy. We are all justified by our faith in Christ, but to live a life completely fulfilled takes multiple choices.


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