There will be many times in our lives where we will have to make a choice. Often times, the choice will ultimately lead to a certain outcome. Whether that outcome is desired or not is always promised, but for the Godly it is.

Running towards God is a guarantee. We do not have to worry about what will happen when we run to God in our times of need. He is reliable & faithful to keep His promises. People will fail us. People will disappoint us. No matter how amazing you are towards someone there is no guarantee they will return it. God on the other hand is faithful & trustworthy.

Running towards God is a constant that can be relied on. Things will never fully satisfy. Many people run towards an addiction or things to try and ease the pain. They run towards anything that will numb the pain, but sadly it never lasts. Shortly after they finish we are back to feeling empty and alone.

You see, our instincts are to solve whatever problem has risen in our life. We instinctively want to feel better & there is NOTHING wrong with that. God programmed that in us all, but often times we try to fix it our own ways. When we are stressed, worried, hurting, afraid, confused, etc… we always turn to things, people or addictions. At times, they satisfy & temporarily make us feel better BUT shortly after it’s back.

People, things & addictions WILL fail you. They will disappoint you. They will ask for me & give less. Often times that’s how an addiction works. It starts small & innocent but as time goes on that addiction requires more and more to give that temporary fix. Ultimately destroying anything good God has for us.

As people of God we need to fight off the fleshly instincts & focus on our spiritual instincts. Thinking Godly thoughts, praying, worship, studying His word, allowing Him to change us, etc… I will say that at times it is not ALWAYS going to be an instant feeling of peace BUT we can hold onto the promise.

Time & time again I would go through the same cycle of running from the pain & doing whatever I could to make it go away. Time & time again I would run towards an addiction and do whatever I could to feel that MOMENT of sweet relief. Only to be right back to running & hurting.

Stop running towards the wrong things. We need to instinctively run towards Him. He is reliable. He is always there. He will NEVER fail. That is a fact. It may not be at that VERY moment because He is working something greater. Great things take time. The longer we invest in things, the better they are & the better they become.

I promise you, He can satisfy you like no one can. People will fail you. People will disappoint you. He won’t. Addictions won’t satisfy. Addictions want more & more and give less & less. God does satisfy & it requires nothing but surrender.

He is faithful. He is our safe refuge in times of extreme hurt & pain. He is there, arms open wide. Offering you all of Himself.


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