Little with God VS. Alot with out


I’m sure many of us have seen and/or experienced what it feels like to have what we “desire”

Whether that is a relationship, money, success, friends, family, etc.. We think that the more of these things we have, the happier we will be. We think that if we are unhappy it is because we still need to gain these “treasures”.

I know I’ve done this many times over. I think that a certain amount of money in my account, a certain relationship, a certain PR on my Olympic movement, etc… will satisfy my heart. Sadly, it never did. I would still feel like I was missing something. I’d miss my tithe so I could have a little extra cash and end up short at the end of the pay period. I fell in love with “the girl of my dreams” only to end up still feeling like I was missing something. I hit the “personal record” in the Olympic clean & jerk or snatch only to still feel weak and inadequate.

All of those things are not “bad” to have. God doesn’t care how much is in our bank account, or if we are with the person of our dreams, or what the PR is for our Olympic movement. These things are not bad, BUT they are bad when they become our god.  When we sacrifice what God has called us to do, when we are disobedient, and when we turn from God in pursuit of these false gods is when these things become bad.

Through all of my times of turning to things, I was left disappointed, broken-hearted, broke, and sometimes physically hurt (trying to PR). Through all of my times turning to God I have found nothing but peace, love, joy, hope, and freedom… Time and time again I can sit back and think about all that I have gone through in life with a big ol’ smile because I know who my Father is….

And let me tell you… He is a good good Father…


4 thoughts on “Little with God VS. Alot with out

    1. Amen! It’s such a beautiful thing when we can take the time to rest in Him 🙏🏼 it’s crazy how much comfort comes in the midst of crazy situations when we get out of His way & let Him do what He does!


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