Not Out of Mind

The beauty of being saved by our faith in Jesus is that our sins are forgiven. All that is required is for us to repent of those sins & then move forward.

When we truly repent, we are back to being perfect in the eyes of God. Blameless & without sin, BUT although our sins are forgiven and out of the sight of God it does not mean we have forgiven ourselves.

That’s why the title is, “Not out of mind.” It’s sad to know & see so many believers in Christ walking around with the weight of sin on their shoulders. Jesus died to take that away! We must fight to forgive ourselves. The guilt, shame, insecurities, doubts & fears we feel are not from God, it is from ourselves. The spirit of the Lord convicts us, but once we repent we are forgiven. Cut & dry. Black & white.

The mind is where the next battle takes place. TRULY believing that we are forgiven is where the struggle is. I spent YEARS carrying around weight that God didn’t want me to carry. It was crippling, it was paralyzing, it was exactly what satan wanted.

Don’t let the enemy hold anything against you. You are forgiven. You are redeemed. Christ died to take your sins. Yesterday, today, tomorrow & forever.


6 thoughts on “Not Out of Mind

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I know that time after time I struggle with whether or not I’ve been truly forgiven. I hate that Satan knows my weaknesses and will plant seeds of doubt in my mind as to whether or not I’m saved.
    Thanks for this reminder that I AM redeemed! I’ve been set free!

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    1. I think at times we all truly struggle with it!
      Because it is almost impossible for us to fathom why a perfect God would forgive us, especially when a majority of us have been raised in a culture where forgiveness is not freely given.

      Walk it out!

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