It’s Not About You

This verse has become so diluted by the church community over the years. The implications here are absolutely astounding! Paul is painting a picture for the importance of loving one another!

Sadly, our world has slowly become consumed with the idea of self love. That we need to make sure we are putting ourselves first, that we love ourselves first, that we have to do things for ourselves before we do things for others blah blah blah.

What is even MORE sad is that people within the Christian community have started to live with this mindset as well. Yes, there is an aspect of self love that is needed within our lives, but not at the expense of someone else. The entire Gospel that we believe in is the COMPLETE opposite of that. Jesus came and lived a perfect life, died a terrible death, was laid in a tomb for 3 days & then was raised from the dead! Jesus did ALL of that out of love for us. He lived the perfect life because we couldn’t, died the terrible death that WE all deserved & lived His life so focused on loving people that it cost Him His life. So why in the heck would we think that we need to make sure we are loving ourselves properly & not need to love others accordingly.


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