Without Risk


There are many things in life that require risk. Some risks are greater than others, but there is always a risk. We risk our hearts in relationships, we risk our finances with investments, we risk our lively-hood with jobs, we risk our safety when we drive, etc… There are many things that have a level of risk involved with them, but there is one thing that has no risk…

Trust in God comes with no risk outside of NOT trusting in Him. When we do not put our trust in the Lord there is a great risk that is tied into that. When we choose to trust in the Lord then we have nothing to lose. When we trust Him with our hearts desires He will come through in incredible ways. When we trust Him with our finances He does exceedingly and abundantly more, when we trust Him with where we work, etc… No matter where we are in life if our trust is in God and God alone than we have nothing to fear.

There have been many times in life where I have trusted things other than God, and a majority of those things have failed me. A majority of those things has caused me hurt. Even in the midst of these disappointments and pain, God was still faithful. Even when I didn’t trust Him in the areas I should have trusted Him in, He provided. Even when I was faithless and didn’t believe that there was anything greater, He is greater. It has taken many many trials and heartaches to bring me to a point of complete trust with God. At the end of the day, I would go through each and every one of them again if it meant bringing me to this same place…

No matter where you are at today, take the leap of faith and trust in the Lord. God is a good Father who would not let any of His children down. As a dad, I look at my girls and cannot fathom letting ANYTHING happen to them. I do everything I can to ensure that they are safe, healthy and satisfied. My resources are very limited, especially compared to the creator of everything. So why in the world would I doubt for even a second that my Father in Heaven isn’t moving mountains in this world for my good… and for yours….


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