The Key Is…

Gooooodness what a blessing it is to read this portion of scripture! Just to be reassured of how amazing God’s plan for us is such a refreshing feeling. To know that there is MUCH greater planned for our lives, BUT there is a small key to this… obedience.

Although I understand why we skim over the part of people who “love Him” we cannot expect the greater things to come without an honest heart check. It today’s culture the idea of love has become diluted by sappy movies and love songs. A weird expression of a “love” that is untrue.

The love God requires & the devotion behind it is the key to unlocking the greater things that God has planned. Time & time again I have had to do an earnest check of my heart to ensure it is in line with what God’s word says about the Christian life.

Yes, we are justified by faith, but the promotion of sanctification is an ongoing process that requires obedience on our parts. If you believe in all that the Gospels claim about Jesus & His life then you can rest assured knowing you are going to heaven, BUT if you want ALL that God has for us here on earth…. that requires obedience & a surrender to God’s word as our authority….


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