There Is More To It….

This world has done an excellent job of taking a biblical truth, twisting it into something that is the complete opposite of God’s intention behind it.

There has been a “self love” movement going on for a looooong Time now & I have come across a few people that back that belief with this verse. It typically goes a little something like, “I need to love myself first & above all so that I can know how to love my neighbor.” Which is 100% silly & false because often times we do not even come CLOSE to loving our neighbor as ourselves.

Yes, there is a certain aspect of needing to love yourself to be able to love your neighbor. I get it. But our self worth is tied in Jesus & Jesus alone! So what is there really to get?

We were made in love! So loving our neighbor as ourselves requires us to love the way Jesus’ loves. Loving our neighbor requires us to put them first. If we will all love our neighbor as ourself there would be significantly less need within our communities.

Look at the church in acts & you’ll see a community following the commandment to love God & His people.


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