The option is there…

We always have a choice. It’s incredible how Paul does such an amazing job are articulating God’s character into his letters! God doesn’t force us to do anything! He always gives us choices & allows the choice to take its course…

What’s even more beautiful is that God loves us enough to give us a choice, even though our choice may not be Him. How loving He is! The fact that He gives us choices show the immense trust & care that God has for us all.

Like a loving father, God is always there showing us a path to something much greater. He is leading us down a path that will bring us into a greater life. He is guiding us to make good choices that benefit His Kingdom & ultimately ourselves.

Nothing that God does is not for our gain. We may seem to have to “give up” things at times but that’s only because He has something greater for us. We still must choose!

Paul makes it clear with today’s verse of the day… There is always a choice for us to make when it comes to temptation & sin. We always have the option to choose God, but we also have the option to disobey God… it’s all a simple matter of choice.

Choose wisely fam… He has much greater


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