What else can be done?!


During my time of prayer this morning God really revealed some things in my heart & life that need immediate recognition and correction…

It started as I was thinking on Jeremiah 31:3 where God said, “I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have continued my faithfulness to you.” There have been some things in my life recently that have shown me a few insecurities when it comes to the way I live my life. Often times I spend an immense amount of energy mentally, emotionally and physically trying to get people to love me. Trying to “earn” their love and show them that I am worth loving… It typically leads me to some dark places mentally when I feel like I got left behind. Mainly along the lines of it being my fault because I wasn’t good enough at loving & am not worthy of having their love, BUT…

Think about it like this, it’s not our job to try and prove we are lovable. Look at it like this, the creator of EVERYTHING loves us SO MUCH that He sent His very own son to die a terrible death because He wants us in heaven. I mean COME ON! Jesus came and lived His entire life for everyone else as He healed, loved the broken, nurtured and did everything He could to improve the lives of those around Him but He was still murdered. God in all His sovereign grace loves us enough to send His son to die, but yet people still reject and hate Him. SO HOW IN THE FRIGGIN world do we think it’s a Godly thought to feel like we aren’t doing enough to be loved?! Our own savior is hated for the DUMBEST reasons…

Where ever you are at today fam… Remember, it’s not your job to make them think you are worth loving. Because you are, Jesus’ death on the cross proved that.



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