What a day!

Today was a big day! As a 26 year old it always caught people off guard when I would tell them I have never flown on a plane & that I’ve never been outside of CA by myself… today, that changed.

I took the leap and decided to take a trip up to Seattle & do all of the things a “tourist” could do! Throughout the course of the day I walked about 12 miles & did everything I could find.

First was the space needle! Unfortunately I couldn’t go out on the observation deck because of the weather, but that’s okay because it opened up more time for me to try other things!

On my way to the aquarium I came across a mix of awesome sculptures & this sweet little passage through the different art pieces. Was able to pause and take a little selfie! Even though I hate them!

I moved onto the aquarium, wings over Washington, pike place market, internal-district, random bus ride, the underground tour & then finished off with eating some French toast at the 5 point cafe before calling it a night! I forced myself to take tons of pictures to remember all that God allowed me to do today.

There was a ton of awesome conversation & it was such a blessing to walk around the city and interact with everyone I could! I’m excited to get to bed and wake up so I can get to church tomorrow! ChurchHome has been on my list of places I wanted to check out for a long while now!

Although my trip was short, it was worth it. It’s a beautiful thing that God has created such a wonderful world for us to explore…


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